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Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian Youth Musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them.

The Arab and Jewish youth musicians of Heartbeat are challenging the status quo of violence, fear, and inequality with their powerful sounds that call for dignity and freedom for all. Elevated by the support from Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam and Neil Young, Heartbeat is quickly gaining international recognition and momentum as they work to build a lasting just peace in the Middle East from the ground up.

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For more information, please visit: www.live.heartbeat.fm
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released October 28, 2015


all rights reserved



HEARTBEAT Round Rock, Texas

HEARTBEAT is an international community of musicians, educators, and students using music to build mutual understanding and transform conflict. Heartbeat seeks to empower Israeli and Palestinian musicians by creating opportunities and spaces for musicians from both sides to work together, hear each other, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. ... more

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Track Name: Boom Boom Boom
Yea. Salam. Shalom. Peace!

(Dekel, Guy, Dana Chorus/English):

Boom, Boom, Boom!
We don't want no more of this!
Boom, Boom, Boom
Give me something different than...

Why are you afraid?
Don't you know?
Through music we can talk and come closer to each other.
Don’t be afraid!
Rap is my obsession and it keeps me from jail.
I'll never change. I'll always stay the same.
If you are good to me, I’ll be good to you.
But if you hurt me, I'll never forget.
I live my life, far from the idea of sacrifice.
But your checkpoints are built for my misery.
Everything seems to turn against me,
and it makes me sick.

(Daffy /Hebrew):
Only death, and more death,
Shooting, and more shooting!
Only separation, and more separation,
Tears, and more tears!
Too many traumas that will stay forever.
The same people and the same weapons
are always on the scene!
Lord, can you explain me, what’s going on?
Why do people continue to lie?
Why are their answers even more confusing,
without any explanation?
Will I be able to overcome?

What every farmer knows,
As you sow so shall you reap.
We wish everyone would feel good,
because we believe in humanity.
Remember, together we can change the world!
Who decides if things could be different
or if they stay as they are?
How does the world look in our dreams?
Let's go on!
I'm changing myself as I move forward.
If you respect me, I will respect you
and no longer will it be a matter of sink or swim.
Because we'll stick together and take things into our own hands,
and we won't give up!

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”

(Yan “Bugs” /Hebrew):

For them I am just a soldier obeying orders,
But the time has come to change the picture!
I have my side, my inner truth
and at the end of every day there are people who understand me.
My mistakes don't make me a shitty person.
When every time pure hate occupies the world
I don't understand how people can keep living
making the same errors again and again.

(Don Bassa/Arabic):
You can’t change me, as I can’t you.
You love me, you hate me, I really don’t care.
From Jerusalem to Berlin,
all Arabs in the street know who I am.
With my k’fiya in the club, they love my bouncing.
I love them, but also envy them.
There is no police to stop them.
In Jerusalem we are afraid of the government.
When will I be free?
When will I live like everyone else?

If you want to change the situation,
just stop what’s going on.
You can’t sleep on the roof,
while others sleep in a bed of silk.
Stop, think, and decide!
Now is the time for change.
Please lower the heat.
Stop shooting!
I raise my middle finger for who got their finger on the trigger!
Why should we live forever under pressure and strike?
I feel like my life is a pair of dice.
Stop the war!
Hey people, stop the war!
I raise my middle finger for who got their finger on the trigger!

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”

So many times you found yourself at the end of the story,
but sometimes you want to be the winner.
So many people present themselves as someone cool.
While inside they carry piles of trash,
even though from outside they look like jasmine.
Their existence is full of clashes and struggle for life.
I am a writer, as everyone can be a writer, too.
I write slogans on banners, deviated slogans.
Like a hooker, introducing herself as the Virgin Mary,
but in reality, she is confused,
and a curse on the world.
I know, I sound crazy,
But we are all human beings.

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”
Track Name: City Rising
Governments are building walls
while corporations take control
Operation Catch-’em-all is full force ahead
The look at jungles and they see a mall
So lets see who can make more trees fall
Operation take control is almost done

And they keep us from the ground
It’s concrete under our feet
And they want to keep us numb
All we see is what’s on TV
and now we’ve got to make a sound
Stronger than the gun.

Wealthy men are staging wars
while media is keeping scores
everybody gather round
watch the show unfold.
The earth is rich with all we need
protect yourself from pretty faces
glowing with greed.
Take somebody piggyback
run wild and free

They can keep us from the ground
It’s concrete under our feet
They can try to keep us down
All we see is what’s on TV
but we’re going to make a sound
that is stronger than the gun.

(Moody - in Arabic)
Who sees what’s happening here?
Media surrounds us and the government surrounds the media
We don’t know what’s happening “under the table”
Another wall surrounds us
When I watch TV I can’t act normally
But I can not watch TV and act how I want to act.

This is life. The strong eats the weak.
We live in a bad time, accepting this rule.
On top of this, we have the Occupation and exploitation
The people with no teeth can’t appreciate the sweets
so they lose them to the ones who can enjoy the treats**
At this point, if you call someone “animal,” it’s a compliment

There’s nothing new to this you know.
Paranoia loops and then it grows
But we’re not afraid anymore. We’re not afraid anymore.
Your power doesn’t work around here
You lock the gate up. You don’t want to hear that
We’re not afraid anymore. We’re not afraid anymore.

Its a game, its a play.
We’re just puppets on strings
They’ve done so many things to keep us away
with headlines, with fragile states
with franchised death
they won’t stop till it’s over.
it’s not over.
because the water will grow and the trees will grow
and the people won’t stop till it’s over
it’s not over.
We won’t stop till it’s over
it’s not over.

You want to know what I think. Then I think I don’t know.
But I know that I think and I don’t know what I don’t know.
Is it good enough for you?
When you wish upon a star, just to touch the sky,
searching for material just to make you high…
Track Name: Dream Scene
Translated from Hebrew:

Humans sing to the sunlight and dance to the moonlight
They bless the land and make it Holy
And always are in happiness
Track Name: The Wall
What’s the wall good for?
The wall is good to keep to out the poor
and the wall is good to keep in the fear
and to kill the idea of hope
Ask the President. Ask the Pope.
What’s the wall good for?
The wall is built to hide the war.
The wall is built to keep us apart.
They think they smart. They think they smart.
When they put up a wall.

(Moody - in Arabic)
It's weird to walk beside the wall
And hear your brother from the other side
It's weird how people can stay so silent
And ignore their neighbors who are suffering
What do we gain from this wall,
that hides the option of freedom?
Until when will this situation will stay like this?
Don't stand aside like this and just watch
I don't understand how people think
Why do the innocent people get injured
What's the wall good for- stand up with us
because tomorrow it’s our turn.

I want to watch the sea. Dip my feet in the water.
Dance on the grass. I want to be one with the rays of sun.
Get me out of here. I want to grow out of this.

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